Looking for easily digestible texts that are gobbled up by your readers? Perfectly seasoned to suit the appetite of your target market? Look no further. Blue Lines caters to all your language needs.

Andrew Vassalo, Walkie Talkie:

“The feel of the translations is spot on, and they are always delivered on time. The project managers are responsive, precise and helpful.”



Does a bad translation of a good book drive you mad? You're not alone. A bad translation feels like a fake watch: cheap. When a translation is good, you don’t notice it's a translation at all. It’s just a well-written text. That’s why we only work with carefully selected native speakers with outstanding writing skills. We provide the perfect translation of your source text, so that you can accomplish your mission across all language boundaries.



Finding the right words, gripping the reader and getting more conversions. That is just the kind of creative challenge we like, in Dutch as well as other languages. We went looking for the best writers and brought them on board for the launch of Crossing Lines.

Bart Van Hoye, Floréac

"We tried to do everything ourselves in the beginning, but as the magazine kept growing in terms of size and content, we needed to bring in a professional for the copywriting. I attended a writing course to learn more about copywriting and content creation and this is where Blue Lines was recommended to me as a partner."


Transcreation & localisation

If you are translating the information leaflet enclosed with medicines, you need to stay close to the source text. But if you are translating a slogan, the trick is to rethink the message in the target language. This is what we call transcreation: rewriting a message in a different language while retaining the idea and taking the culture and characteristics of the target market into account. It is a task for copywriters with perfect mastery of at least two languages. Or creative translators with liquid gold in their pens.



Proofreading, revision, comparative checks, optimisation, making sure every last detail is correct. Call it what you like, but here’s what it comes down to: we polish your text to make it shine. A native speaker translator with knowledge of your sector will correct any errors and make the text read more smoothly. This means you can safely publish a text you have written yourself, even if you’ve committed the heinous crime of writing it in a language that isn’t your mother tongue.