Better, Best, Blue Lines

When language counts, Blue Lines makes all the difference.

In translation, copywriting, transcreation and revision.

We do interpreting, too
Did you know that Blue Lines has been providing interpreters for the European press conferences of sports club KAA Ghent for years now? We are more than a little proud that the rising star of international football, Jonathan David, is a fan of our translation services!

Do you need someone to interpret live at a press conference, meeting or presentation? We will provide a professional interpreter and the equipment required. Read more.

Tell, translate, sell 
That's our interpretation of Caesar’s veni, vidi, vici. We can help by providing a strong story, allowing you to conquer the world in every language.

Ghent-based, but at home all over the world
Although we are a Ghent translation agency and have the local accent to prove it, our translators are spread across the globe. Working with native speakers who live in their home country offers two major advantages:

  1. The translators are familiar with the cultural sensitivities, have mastered every little nuance and are up to date with the latest developments in their language.
  2. We have various specialists in our network for each field. An HR text will be translated by an HR specialist and a fashion text by a fashion specialist, for example.

From person to person
In the age of machine translation and automation, we prefer to keep things human. We are very approachable and like to maintain good relationships with our clients and translators. Do you have any questions, doubts, anything at all?
, call us, make an appointment. We will be happy to discuss things face to face!

Request a test translation
Why not let us put our fine words into action? After all, this is how we test our translators: with an exceedingly tricky test translation. Would you like to put Blue Lines to the test? Send an email to and receive a test translation of up to 250 words or a 50 euro discount on a larger first translation. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, right?