Not just any old translation agency

Not just any old translation agency

At Blue Lines, we see each translation assignment as a new adventure. Driven by our joint passion for language and perfection, we have only one goal in mind: to make your content stand out in every language.

Our translators and proofreaders are linguistic superheroes whose incisive word choices will help you to conquer the world. They will transcreate your message to suit other languages and cultures, often working to deadlines tight enough to bring you out in a cold sweat.

Carefully selected native speakers - comparative proofreading of each translation - experienced project managers who help you to achieve the impossible. It's all in our DNA. As a translation agency, these are our (not so secret) weapons that enable us to make a world of difference for our clients. Or even better: with our clients. Most of our very first clients are still with us, and that says more than any claims we might make about ourselves.

Strict selection criteria for our translators

Everything depends on the very first step: a selection procedure which is as thorough as it is ruthless. Every translator or proofreader who wants to work with Blue Lines has to ace our fiendishly difficult translation test. We want to be blown away! This is the only way to ensure that our translators are the cream of the crop. And in turn, it gives you ultimate peace of mind. Probably the best motivation in the world.

Style, mood and tone of voice

Translating content correctly is one thing. Correctly conveying the style, mood and tone of voice of the original text in a translation is quite another. As a client, you want your communication to evoke a certain mood and reflect a certain image. Of course it is extremely important for the translation to do the same. That's why we are also obsessed with style at Blue Lines. In the first instance, translators must be outstanding writers with an intuitive feel for the text. Good translation and transcreation go hand in hand: Blue Lines translators will not so much translate your words as the meaning behind your words.

Comparative proofreading, because one plus one makes three

In comparative proofreading, a second native speaker will revise the translation for spelling, grammar and style. However, they will also compare the translation with the original text to ensure that the meaning has been understood correctly and conveyed properly in the translation.

To help you stand out from your competitors, it is extremely important for the translation to evoke precisely the mood and image you had in mind. In every language.

The right translator for every type of text

Good, better, best. Every translation request is different. That's why our project managers always take the specific nature of your original text into account. Legal source documents require specialist legal translators and proofreaders. Commercial or marketing texts mainly need great writers who specialise in copy that sells in the target language.

The bar can never be set too high, as our translations help to shape your image. 

Ghent-based, but totally global

Although we are 100% local – our office and co-working space are located on the lively Dok Noord site and our Ghent accent couldn't be broader – most of our native speakers live in their own country. They have a perfect grasp of cultural differences and sensitivities. This is often extremely important. The Flemish are quick to adopt the informal form of address, for example, even in written texts. French or Spanish translators know that this won't wash in their own languages: in some languages and cultures, informality can feel like a lack of respect. Cultural sensitivities are crucial to the impression your text creates: yet another reason to work exclusively with native speakers.

Fair trade goes furthest at Blue Lines

As you will have realised by now, we set high standards. We also try to make the world a slightly better place. We enjoy building great relationships with our clients, team members and translators. And when it comes to purchasing, we always look for fair trade, environmentally friendly and sustainable options.

Corporate social responsibility is in our blood. What kind of world do we want to leave behind for our children? It's a question that genuinely concerns us here at Blue Lines. So we are more than happy to set some of our profits aside for good causes. And why would we drive to work when we can cycle instead?


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