Case: Vlerick Business School

Patricia Rousseau is the PR & Communication Officer at Vlerick Business School, an internationally renowned college of higher education which offers MBA and management programmes, master’s degrees and customised programmes. 

Will machines take over from translators?

I get asked this quite a lot. Aren't we terrified that a better Google Translate might disrupt us out of business in the not too distant future? Quite an understandable question, as no sector seems immune to disruption. Uber and Airbnb are just the photogenic tip of the iceberg. The simple answer is no: we don't lose any sleep worrying about som...

Popular misconceptions

There are still a lot of misunderstandings about us translators.

“Oh, so you're in a booth?”
“No, not me, those are interpreters.”
“Duh, so there's a difference?”

Case: The Reference

Joke Van Hamme is a project manager at The Reference, one of Belgium’s most successful digital agencies with offices in Ghent, Antwerp and New York and many major national and international clients at both B2B and B2C businesses.

Case: Real Garant

Wim Vanackere is the General Manager of Real Garant Versicherung AG, a German insurance company with its European head office in Stuttgart. Since 2007, it has formed part of the international Zurich Group. Real Garant specialises in guarantee insurance and maintenance programmes for the automotive sector and has been a Blue Lines client since 2013.

Blue Lines?

So how did we get our name? You’re not the first person to ask. Well, one night in 2003 the guys from Massive Attack phoned us, saying that they wanted to dedicate their debut album to us.

“But we haven’t even got a company name yet!”
“It'll be Blue Lines from now on.”

And click, the phone went dead. That was that. Blue Lines was born.


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