Sign For My Future

When Climate Mandate (the people behind the Sign For My Future campaign) knocked on our door a few months ago to ask if Blue Lines would provide pro bono translation work, we didn’t hesitate for a second: sure thing!


GDPR: Much Ado About Data

We have to be honest: when the new GDPR legislation turned up on our doorstep last year, we didn’t exactly greet it with open arms. We may have sworn a little, too.

“We don’t misuse personal data,” we said. “We only use of our clients’ and suppliers’ information for its intended purpose: providing good translations. So is a...

First there were PR agencies, then came Walkie Talkie…

Almost 6 years ago, Andrew, Marie and Valérie met at a Young Scum meeting for like-minded talents. Marie and Valérie already worked for the same PR agency, and things clicked with Andrew right away. Just like Andrew, they felt that the world of communications needed shaking up. They believed that Ghent could use an innovative communications ag...

Case Karott’: getting the SEO and style right in specialised translations

Karott’ specialises in communication for the food and health industry.
They inform members about the latest developments in food and health through their own media, i.e., Food in Action Magazine and the digital platform. Recently, Karott’ also started to develop CSR (corporate social responsibility) communication projec...


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