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Patricia Rousseau is the PR & Communication Officer at Vlerick Business School, an internationally renowned college of higher education which offers MBA and management programmes, master’s degrees and customised programmes. 


“Nine years ago, I started working for Vlerick as their PR & communication officer. I took over the suppliers we were working with at the time, which included a translation agency. I can't say I was very happy with them; the translations were often careless and sometimes downright incorrect. During that period – over five years ago now - my previous boss posted something about Blue Lines on Facebook. She is also a qualified translator (just like me, in fact), so I wanted to find out more. I went to your site and requested a test translation right away. You can't really draw a final conclusion on the basis of a test, but it did mark the start of a fruitful collaboration with Blue Lines." 

For Vlerick, it's important for a text to be translated fluently and correctly, using the right terminology. For example, at Vlerick we always say 'professor' rather than 'hoogleraar' in Dutch. And we prefer 'programme' to 'course'. I love the Dutch language and wherever possible I prefer to avoid the English terms that tend to be thrown around so liberally in Dutch business texts. And you know that. There's no need for me to repeat myself with every translation assignment because you automatically set up a glossary, which is great. And allocating the right project to the right translator is an art in itself. I also really appreciate the third check which you carry out before the translation is delivered. The fact that the text is checked by another pair of eyes is a huge bonus.” 

“My confidence in Blue Lines has only grown as the years have passed. You keep your promises and carry on doing so, even if you have ‘reeled in’ a client a long time ago. Punctuality is just as important as the quality of the translations. For example, you never start a project before we have approved the quotation. And you always estimate the time you think you will need for the translations. As soon as we give the go-ahead for a translation request, we receive a concrete delivery deadline each time. This punctuality really helps with our editorial planning." 

"And it's so important to actually meet deadlines, even if they are incredibly tight. This is the case when the Financial Times publishes its international rankings, for example. These results are always published on a Monday, but the business schools which are included in the rankings are already given the information under embargo on the previous Wednesday evening. In that short period of time, we need to write our content, get a quote from a programme director or the dean and then get everything translated as well. It's always a race against the clock but with you, we never fail to get it done on time.” 

“I sometimes feel that Blue Lines is more like a family business, a group of friends who just happen to be working together. I love the pleasant atmosphere in your office, with no loss of professionalism. The way Stef talks about his team when he calls me to meet up for a coffee is truly inspiring." 

"And the fact that we are geographically close enough to go out for a coffee in the first place, or that you cycled here today for this interview... that’s amazing, isn't it? Not that I needed any more reasons to work with Blue Lines, but it just makes the whole process extra enjoyable.”

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