Case: Floréac

Bart Van Hoye is a marketing assistant at Floréac and Microflor, both subsidiaries of the Floré Groep, a horticultural company in Lochristi. Initially he was only looking for an English-speaking copywriter, but Blue Lines ended up becoming his partner for both copywriting and translation.


"I've been working in horticulture for the past twenty years and the sector has changed a great deal over that time. Floréac distributes pot plants which are ready for sale all over Europe. At the moment we are mainly active in the UK, Germany and France. However we are getting more and more interest from the Scandinavian countries, and Poland and Hungary are also starting to look our way. This is putting put us under increasing pressure to serve those markets as well."

"We used to produce a brochure which just listed the products and prices for our B2B clients, but now we produce a proper magazine. We tell our readers about our relationship with various suppliers, write proper editorial articles on interesting topics and feature portraits of our clients. This development means that we are creating more and more content."  

"We tried to do everything ourselves in the beginning, but as the magazine kept growing in terms of size and content, we needed to bring in a professional for the copywriting. I attended a writing course to learn more about copywriting and content creation and this is where Blue Lines was recommended to me as a partner. At that point I was looking for English-speaking copywriters, and you immediately found an outstanding writer for us. These days, we have an internal copywriter who takes care of all the content. However, working with you was such a positive experience that I knew I would come back to Blue Lines when our content needed to be translated."

"One of the most important requirements for a translation is for it to be written by a native speaker. Floréac employs a lot of French people, as well as a few Brits. Before publication, I make sure they check all the translations thoroughly as they are familiar with the jargon we use in the sector. In the past we almost invariably ended up rewriting most of the translations because they didn't feel ‘native’ enough. But now we hardly have to change a thing, which inspires confidence. And if we do end up needing translations into Hungarian, Finnish or Polish in the near future, we will certainly come to you."

"Even though our company is expanding all over Europe, I still try to find local solutions when we need to bring in external partners. Personally, I think it's a huge advantage to be able to work with a Ghent company. Think global, shop local! And the fact that we both support the Buffalos is an extra bonus." (laughing)

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