Blue Lines?

So how did we get our name? You’re not the first person to ask. Well, one night in 2003 the guys from Massive Attack phoned us, saying that they wanted to dedicate their debut album to us.

“But we haven’t even got a company name yet!”
“It'll be Blue Lines from now on.”

And click, the phone went dead. That was that. Blue Lines was born.

OK, so that’s not quite what happened... We needed a name and we wanted to be creative. Translators have that tendency sometimes. So we took a sheet of blue-lined paper and set out to find the perfect name. Something catchy and cool. A name that sounded great and sticks in the mind, not just on paper. We steered away from corny clichés, forced translations and other such humdrum things. 

A week later, the list of potential company names was longer than our Christmas grocery list. Returning to the initial draft, Blue Lines stood out and attracted us like a magnet. The name fit the bill perfectly: creative, original and in-your-face. Add nice to the ear, and the rest is history. 

P.S.: next time Massive Attack launches an album, keep an eye on the credits!Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

Blue Lines

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