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Little Blue Lining Hood, or the designer who found their calling in copywriting

When I was about eight years old, a third-hand, yellowing desktop PC suddenly appeared in the small study we all shared. Initially, the sluggish Windows 98 system didn’t seem up to much: a blocked ten-year-old game, a sporadic search on Encarta, a primitive 3D screensaver … And yet, I was curious enough to start exploring the depths of this glo...

Meet Sofie!

Why buy packaging if you can do without? And why squander all the profits when you can use some of it to support charities? This COO, who really wanted to be a freelance translator, definitely has her heart in the right place. Without her, Blue Lines wouldn't even exist. Meet Sofie!

Meet Ilse

What does she like about her job? Everything but the job title. What does she not like about her job? Nothing, except the job title. Meet Ilse: our versatile business manager, who prefers to market herself as a multifaceted wordsmith. Or to put it in more trendy terms: a content lady.

Meet Kobe!

He doesn’t really like being interviewed and prefers to keep out of the limelight. We think he is way too modest because he has so many qualities. Meet our CAT specialist, champion of troublesome files, beer brewer and flavour magician, Kobe Vander Beken!

The Manu Is Not The Meal

If he's not standing at the barbecue, he's probably rehearsing with one of his bands. And he knows all there is to know about car mechanics, even though he prefers cycling. Meet Manu Van Bockstaele: father of three, project manager and our knight in shining armour when we have any IT issues!