Mission and values

Our mission is to support companies and organisations in their multilingual communication by writing and translating great texts, in all languages.

When it comes to quality, we make all the difference. We do this by: 

  • only selecting the best native speaker translators and copywriters. To this end, we have set up a stringent selection procedure that tests the writing style, attention to detail, professional knowledge and spelling of the candidates, 
  • constantly monitoring and improving quality,
  • learning from feedback,
  • continuing to optimise our internal workflow and using supporting software to improve translation results,
  • providing our clients with personal guidance and support where necessary. 

We aim to develop a partnership with our clients, staff and suppliers that involves working together constructively. 

Our values: respect, constructive feedback, trust, humour, sustainability and quality.

“Sometimes I really feel like Blue Lines is more of a family business, a group of friends who happen to be working together. I love the friendly atmosphere in your office, with no loss of professionalism. The way Stef talks about his team when we go for coffee together is really inspiring!”

Patricia Rousseau - Vlerick

We aim to contribute actively to a better society ourselves:

  • by paying our translators and writers fairly and treating them respectfully,
  • by implementing a human and flexible staff policy with an attractive salary, 35-hour working week and a fun and healthy working environment,
  • by making as many journeys by bicycle and public transport as possible,
  • by investing in a fully climate-neutral office, aka the jungle office,
  • by donating part of our profits to charities or actively supporting them.