Our clients

Personal, long-term, sustainable, human, service-oriented, helpful, constructive, healthily critical, respectful, reliable: that's our approach to working together. Do our clients like working with us? Rather than blowing our own trumpet, we’d prefer to ask them ourselves.

Elke Corens, B. Braun: “The main thing that makes B. Braun and Blue Lines such a good match is the human factor. We find personal contact very important, that feeling of virtual closeness.”

Andrew Vassalo, Walkie Talkie: “The feel of the translations is spot on, and they are always delivered on time. The project managers are responsive, precise and helpful.”

Tine Wouters, Cevora: “Our collaboration with Blue Lines runs very smoothly. They respond to translation requests quickly with a quotation, including timing. The translations themselves always follow on the agreed date. Thanks to Blue Lines, we manage to stick to our publication schedule.”

Ann Demecheleer, Shurgard: “We put four translation agencies to the test and Blue Lines emerged as the winner. It has remained a good choice to this day. Not only do you deliver quality, you also excel when it comes to punctuality and reliability. In terms of our collaboration and contact, we feel like we’re in safe hands. You monitor each project closely, deliver on time and really take feedback into account, both during a project and afterwards.”

Patricia Rousseau, Vlerick Business School: “My confidence in Blue Lines has only grown as the years have passed. You keep your promises and carry on doing so, even if you have ‘reeled in’ a client a long time ago. Punctuality is just as important as the quality of the translations. For example, you never start a project before we have approved the quotation. And you always estimate the time you think you will need for the translations. As soon as we give the go-ahead for a translation request, we receive a concrete delivery deadline each time. This punctuality really helps with our editorial planning."

Wim Vanackere, Real Garant Versicherung AG: “We also appreciate the fact that you get in touch with us during the translation process if something isn’t quite clear. We’d rather have that than you taking a wild guess, with the risk of getting it wrong. If any doubts remain when the translation is delivered, this will always be clearly indicated in the text and also emphasised by your project managers. This desire for perfection, clear communication and consultation with the client really offers added value and creates confidence.”

Bart Van Hoye, Floréac: “In the past, we almost always had to rewrite translations because they didn't feel ‘native’ enough. We hardly ever have any criticism today. That creates confidence.” 

Nicolas Rousseau, Karott’: “Our collaboration with Blue Lines is really very pleasant: rapid follow-up, high-quality work, respect for deadlines... We know we can count on Blue Lines and that the team will always make every effort to meet and even exceed our expectations, not to mention those of our end clients.”