SEO copywriting: content that actually works

What would you prefer: a pretty but empty box, or content that actually works? It’s what’s inside that counts!

Yellow Pages 

A company or organisation without a website: hard to imagine these days, and that may seem like a good thing. But are all these websites really that great? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘no’: in reality, many are little more than glorified online business cards. Static and unchanging, like an entry in the good ol’ paper version of the Yellow Pages. 

A valuable lead generator 

And that’s a real shame. Because with the right approach, you could turn your website into a powerful lead generator. Of course, an attractive design doesn’t hurt. But let’s not fool ourselves: content is what actually matters. And that’s perfectly logical. It’s just like when you get a gift: it’s what’s inside that counts. A pretty but empty box is worth very little. Although you could use it as a wastepaper basket, perhaps to finally dump your old copy of the Yellow Pages in... 

SEO analysis 

It’s a fact: content is queen. Smartly crafted content draws visitors to your website and convinces them to stay. To achieve this, search engine optimisation (SEO for short) is of vital importance. Everything stands or falls on a thorough SEO analysis and choosing the most relevant keywords for you. Our advice: get an expert to help you out. Not sure who to turn to? Feel free to ask us for recommendations! 

SEO copywriting 

Once you’ve done your SEO research, it’s time to bring in an SEO copywriter. They’ll determine the success of your website. So select your copywriter with care! Nothing is more irritating than stilted content that has you tripping over clumsily inserted keywords. Your web content should first and foremost engage, inform and seduce. Of course, those keywords should still be in there somewhere. Imperceptibly inserting them into your content is precisely what talented SEO copywriters excel at. They seamlessly weave keywords into captivating copy that catches visitors’ attention and leaves them eager for more. 

Language barriers: one SEO translation, coming right up! 

What if you’re already doing well in your own language area, but you’d like to conquer new markets? Great plan! All you need now are skilled SEO translators. They’ll translate your web content and slip keywords into your texts in such a natural way that website visitors won’t even notice they’re reading a translation. In short: a proper SEO translation is your passport to success across language barriers. 

Want to discover exactly what we can do for you in terms of SEO copywriting or SEO translation? Send us an e-mail or give us a ring. We’ll be happy to help you out!