What did you study?

I first studied Journalism, followed by Marketing. I very much enjoyed journalism because of its practice-oriented subjects that were taught by lecturers with a great deal of experience. Marketing was less my cup of tea because I feel that it mostly sells hot air. But I didn’t want to start working yet, so I got my degree anyway. These days, I get to use both my degrees in my work, namely selling well-written texts that in turn, allow customers to conquer the world.

What did you do in your previous jobs?

I spent a year at Villeroy & Boch and then more than ten years at 3Plus, in the graphics sector. So, I can’t really claim that my career has been adventurous. I’m a bit of a stayer, I guess. Stef says I actually tend to stick like glue 😉

How did you end up at Blue Lines?

I might be a stayer, I still wanted to change jobs in early 2016. I was about to sign a contract with another graphics company and asked Stef what he thought of the terms. “Not bad,” he said, “but I think you’d be better off at Blue Lines.” After briefly weighing up the pros and cons and a chat with Sofie, I joined Team Blue.

What do you think of your job?

I’m always happy to come to work. I can attend courses regularly, often get to write, and get involved in pretty much everything. I have great colleagues. The only thing that makes me a little uncomfortable is my job title, ‘business manager’. I still need to get even with Stef for saddling me with that monster of a job title. Companies would do better to follow the scouts’ example: once you know someone’s qualities and talents, you give that employee a personal totem. After all, multifaceted wordsmith means a lot more than business manager, don’t you think?

What are your hobbies?

Reading and running, which are two activities that briefly take me out of everyday reality. They’re great for helping me to relax and unwind, and I couldn’t do without either of them.

What motivates you?

Beauty, stories, love, meaning, dreams. The reason why art and culture should be considered much more important in our society. If you remove that extra dimension, there’s nothing left but a hard, cruel world.

What kinds of things are still on your bucket list?

I’d love to write a beautiful story. I truly adore words. And people too. The world is full of meaning and I’d like to do something with that. But I lack the character to invest enough time in it. I also want to go to Japan. Japanese nature, culture, and cuisine attract me tremendously. And I also like the idea of growing old: baking pancakes for a bunch of grandchildren, enjoying the slow life, growing plants, doing voluntary work, collecting more and more life stories…

Is there a question (about your character) that we can’t ask you?

Whether I’m tolerant? I can be pretty intolerant, especially when it comes to noise. I have a hard time dealing with loud people. Why use so many decibels when you could do with less? I also avoid people who take up a lot of space. A psychologist would say this stems from my secret desire to take up more space myself. I am relatively quiet and introverted, so yeah, who knows? But I like being inside my head, where I can play around with words peacefully!

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