Translation memory

Supporting software to ensure consistent translation results

Many of our clients find that a translation memory is a valuable resource. A translation memory is supporting software that is used during the translation process. Blue Lines uses SDL Trados Studio, but there are many other programs in existence, such as MemoQ, Déjà Vu, etc. 

A translation memory is especially useful for highly repetitive texts. One important advantage is a more consistent translation result. We can add terminology lists to the memory to ensure that specific terms are always translated in the same way. 

Another advantage is that discounts are available for highly repetitive texts. Our Trados discount rates are shown below. Each category indicates the extent to which a sentence ‘matches’ a sentence from the translation memory. This is expressed in terms of percentages. For example, a completely new sentence belongs in the 0% match category whereas a sentence that is identical to what has been translated previously is a 100% match. 

Each category has its own discount percentage. For the 95-99% match category, the discount is 25%. The discount is 15% for sentences with an 85-94% match. A discount cannot be justified for the lower categories (75-84% and 0-75%), as the sentence differs too much or is completely new (at 0% match). 

Plenty of figures, but don't panic: we do all the hard work. We make sure that everything is tracked perfectly in the memory and that you get the right discounts. The only thing we expect from you is input. The more feedback you provide, the more accurately we can satisfy your translation needs. So don't be shy about sending us your style preferences (e.g. ‘tu’ or ‘vous’ in French), terminology lists or anything else you can think of.