Probably the best translation agency in the world?

You have to earn that tagline.

Modest, us? Not really. But instead of beating our own trumpet and blowing our own drum – or vice versa – we prefer to let our customers do it for us.

But since you insist, here’s a peek inside our portfolio: Blue Lines was selected to translate the home page of Manuel Barroso, the former President of the European Commission. The Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) of the European Commission entrusted Blue Lines with checking the quality of its Eastern European translations. Vlerick Business School also swears by Blue Lines, because only the best is good enough! So what is our secret? Carefully selected native speakers and comparative proofreading by a second native speaker.

Good, better, best: at Blue Lines, we make every effort to exceed your expectations with passion and conviction. Our aim is for your communication to shine, regardless of the language. Probably the best motivation in the world.

I would like to thank you once again for your attentiveness. It's why we always recommend you to our clients/colleagues/contacts as an outstanding translation agency. 

Valérie - Walkie Talkie

Thank you for the files. We greatly appreciate your flexibility.

Ineke - Wijs

With everything that was going on, I forgot to thank you for this amazing feat… Thank you very much: Blue Lines lives up to its reputation!

Koen - ADBM

I have checked most of the document and it looked exceptionally good.

Lissa - Estée Lauder

We were extremely pleased with your service!

Wim - FINN

Thank you so much for the translation. My colleague Sophie checked it through and thought it was excellent.

Déborah - Famous Relations

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