In early 2017, Cevora was looking for an additional translation partner. Not just any translation agency, but a translation partner that could also produce fluent translations of creative marketing texts from Dutch to French and from French to Dutch.

Cevora: “We are not looking for literal translations. Although the substance of a translation must be identical to that of the source text, it should also read fluently, which requires creative input.”

Blue Lines created a successful test translation, and we have now been working together for two years.

Cevora: “Our collaboration with Blue Lines runs incredibly smoothly. Translation requests are answered quickly with quotations and timing. The translations themselves also always follow by the agreed date. Thanks to Blue Lines, we manage to keep to our publication planning schedules.”

Word choice, target groups and style

Cevora: “We communicate our range of training programmes via a bilingual website and newsletters. We also publish articles in newsletters and on social media channels. In the past six months, video marketing has also been gaining in importance. We have three target groups: HR managers, employees, and job seekers. We approach each target group with customised messages, using the right words to convince them. A customised style according to the target audience is therefore certainly necessary.”

Tips for improvement

When we asked Cevora where we could improve our service, they gave a concrete answer:

Cevora: “It would be easier for us if we could have the source text and the translation in two columns in the same document. This way, we can compare faster. Could you also deliver the translations directly in our house style font?”

To meet these wishes, we asked Cevora to send us their house style font. Our translators can now work directly in the correct font, and once the translations have been proofread, we can deliver them in the correct font too. We now place the translation in a separate column next to the source text.


If you have any observations, tips, or questions for us, please let us know. The more input we get, the better we can meet your needs!

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