The FAAR building, designed by renowned architect Stéphane Beel, is just a five-minute walk from Gent-Dampoort railway station. Its shiny red cladding makes it hard to miss…

Not only do De Nieuwe Dokken boast fabulous architecture, they also incorporate a range of smart, sustainable technologies. With the help of a fermentation system, for example, the residual heat of a nearby soap factory provides heating for the entire neighbourhood. All waste flushed through the area’s vacuum toilets is transformed into renewable energy. (Which is sure to result in endless hilarity this winter: “Manu, could you just go to the loo, please? It’s getting a bit chilly in here!”) After being purified, the neighbourhood’s waste water is fed back to the same soap manufacturer to serve as process water. All with the goal of establishing an extremely energy-efficient circular economy.

To ensure a healthy indoor climate, we opted for environmentally-friendly natural plasters and clay paint. Sensors continuously monitor the amount of daylight to adjust the intensity of the LED lighting, while the sunblinds automatically adapt to the position of the sun. For our smart, circular interior walls, we turned to Red Dot Award winner JuuNoo. This deliberate choice to prioritise sustainability and energy efficiency was awarded the coveted BREEAM certification. And because sustainability applies to humans as well, we ordered our furniture from Timmerwerkt vzw, an organisation that works with people who are new to Belgium, to offer them a chance at a better life. Putting People Planet Profit into practice.

The first thing you notice when stepping into the office is the magnificent view. The docks, the water, the new quayside promenade, the old cement silos covered in graffiti, the cranes as a timeless reminder of the area’s past as a port, the beautiful glass office of our client In The Pocket on the opposite bank. And then we haven’t even mentioned the park that’ll be constructed next door in late 2021.

The interior of the office is a fusion of glass, steel and wood. And plants. Lots and lots of plants! Our Dok Noord office was already something of a jungle, but this time we’re going all out. Greenery in the workplace has been shown to reduce stress and improve focus and productivity. Plants also purify the air and increase the supply of oxygen. Want to learn more about the beneficial effect of plants on our (mental) health? Be sure to check out this short Ted Talk!

Thinking you’d like to work in an inspiring office environment like this yourself? Good news: you can now claim your very own work station and even get access to our unique meeting room: plants, rugged cork walls, glass and a screen for all your presentations. Basically everything you need to impress clients and prospects alike.

Welcome to the jungle!

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