Your story,
our content plan.

Blue Lines content team meeting

Together, we turn your idea into a success story.

Is your strategy getting lost in the sea of content?

Doable content plan

We develop a hands-on content strategy for you. No grand theories or empty promises: just a well-thought-out, practical plan with measurable goals.

Personal project monitoring

We prefer the personal to faceless persona. Because people are what really matters. Which is why we want to get to know you and your story! Because we genuinely care, as fellow humans.

Your story expertly told

Copywriters all specialise in a different field. Some dot the i’s of ICT, others put a spin to fashion or health. At Blue Lines we expertly tell every unique story, including yours.

Concept, copy and translation, all in one

We craft your content, from concept to translation. You get top-notch marketing material in all the languages you work with. A single small team takes care of everything. No need for you to explain anything twice.

Handy content calendar

Our practical content calendar takes a lot of factors into account: the goal of your content, its themes, frequency, channels,… As a result, your content remains firmly rooted in your strategy.

Results-oriented and measurable

Measurement is crucial to success. We report the results that our content delivers in terms of visibility and conversions. We do this using the statistics from social media, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and Google Ads.

Wondering what our clients think of our content approach? We asked Veerle at Addax Motors!

Blue Lines client Addax car
Veerle Blontrock, Strategic Marketing Manager at Addax Motors:
Blue Lines is the perfect content marketing partner for Addax Motors’ content marketing. The agency's love for creative language, its no-nonsense approach, the way they genuinely care about our story, the quality of their copy regardless of the language, how they weave our mission and current events into their writing,… At Addax, we're convinced that two small-scale, passionate companies can do great things together. Content is all about people and values – and those are two things that really define our partnership with Blue Lines.

Our content services will take your company to the next level:

  • landing-page optimisation and developing Google Ads campaigns;
  • concept and creation of social media posts;
  • SEO copy for your website;
  • concept and creation of blogs, client cases, testimonials;
  • newsletter concepts and copywriting;
  • developing a content calendar (quarterly, biannual, annual)
  • reporting, evaluation and advice