Smart content for a stronger brand

Content is an immensely powerful thing. By publishing information that truly speaks to your target group, you can achieve your goals of increasing brand awareness, engaging your target group and realising potential growth. This is exactly what a well-considered content plan is supposed to do: create success.


Take your company to the next level with our content services

  • Landing page optimisation and development of ad campaigns via Google Ads
  • Conception and drafting of social media posts
  • SEO copywriting for your website
  • Copywriting of blog posts, client cases and testimonials
  • Newsletter concepts and copywriting
  • Content calendar development (quarterly, biannual, annual)
  • Reporting, evaluation and advice

Curious what our clients think of our content approach? We asked Veerle at Addax Motors!

Blue Lines client Addax car
Blue Lines is the perfect content marketing partner for Addax Motors. Their love of creative language, their no-nonsense approach, their level of genuine care about our story, the quality of copy regardless of language, the way they manage to combine our mission with current events through their writing... We believe that, by working together, these two small, passionate companies are capable of achieving great things. Content is also about people and values, elements that are fully reflected through our cooperation!

Want to engage your target group with tailored content?

Feasible content plan

With a hands-on content plan, you can map out what content you wish to post, for what purpose and through which channel. This ensures that your content marketing is well thought-out and that you stand out to your target group.

Personal project management

Need a more personal touch? We adopt a personal approach, as it is people that are at the heart of what we do! This is why we make sure to get to know both you and your organisation. As fellow humans, we genuinely care.

Your story told by experts

Every copywriter has their own area of expertise. Some dot the i’s in ICT, others put a spin on fashion or health. At Blue Lines, we pool our combined expertise to bring every unique story to life, including yours.

Concept, copy and translation

We breathe life into your content, from conception to translation, providing top-notch marketing material in every one of your working languages.

Handy content calendar

Our practical content calendar takes many aspects of your content into account, from its intended purpose, to its themes, frequency, preferred channels and so on. This ensures that your content stays firmly rooted in your overall strategy.

Results you can measure

We put our work to the test by examining your content’s level of visibility and conversion rate. This is done via the statistical analysis of your social media channels, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and Google Ads.

Blue Lines content team meeting

Want to connect and convert with content that really hits home?