Fulfilling housing wishes for everyone

Durabrik fulfils new construction projects in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Diversity plays an important role: in addition to the ‘typical’ family home, the company offers solutions for single people, older people, blended families and more.

And sustainable relationships are also being built within the company. Durabrik’s recognition as a Great Place To Work® and its high employee satisfaction levels testify to that.

Content that raises the roof

We translated the new Durabrik website and all the content that has been added to it since. From landing pages to customer stories, everything is creatively translated (and revised) by our French SEO translators.

Durabrik website translation

The services we provide for Durabrik

  • Revision and translations for the website (Dutch-French).
  • Copywriting for web and landing pages
  • Copywriting for blog posts and white papers
  • Translation of customer stories
  • Translations for the newsletter
  • Translations for Durabrik magazine
  • Translations for brochures and other project communication

What does the customer say?

We developed a completely new website, with a lot of new content. I was looking for a suitable translation agency to translate that large volume of web copy into French. My colleague Dorien – our Internal Communications Manager – recommended Blue Lines to me without a second thought.

Frank Mortier



Client case Durabrik

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