We’d already reached out to Durabrik a few times. But last year, we finally reeled in a catch: Durabrik ordered its very first translation from us. This marked the start of an undeniably sustainable partnership.

Franka Mortier, Durabrik’s Online Marketing Coordinator, remembers the moment well: “We’d just developed a brand-new website, with plenty of new content. I was looking for a suitable translation agency to translate all those pages of web copy into French. My colleague Dorien, who’s in charge of our internal communication, recommended Blue Lines without a moment’s hesitation.”

People and planet first: sustainability is a no-brainer

So why are Durabrik and Blue Lines a match made in heaven? Franka and Ilse, who’s responsible for Blue Lines’ content marketing, share their thoughts.

Franka: “Durabrik won a Great Place To Work® award in 2019. That accolade was the result of an internal staff survey and a thorough analysis of our workplace culture, conducted by Vlerick. Of course, the real crowning glory is Durabrik’s high employee satisfaction.”

Ilse:Vlerick is another client that we adore working with. And a Great Place To Work® award is pretty impressive! Blue Lines also really values the wellbeing of its employees. We’ve implemented a 35-hour week, for example, for a better work-life balance. And working from home has long been an established practice for us. Our project managers simply coordinate their schedules among themselves.”

Green, green, green

Franka: “For Durabrik, sustainable construction is the obvious choice. We go for optimal insulation and renewable energy from solar panels, heat pumps or water recycling & reuse systems wherever we can. We’ve even got our very own knowledge centre: three colleagues who continuously monitor the latest sustainability advancements in the construction sector. Whenever we set up a new construction project, we make sure to include plenty of green oases and ample space for cyclists and pedestrians. Durabrik also carefully chooses the location of each of its construction projects. We prefer quiet areas, with schools and shops in the immediate vicinity. The location’s MobiScore factors in our decision too.”

Ilse: “Sustainability was our main concern when we purchased our new office late last year. The Nieuwe Dokken neighbourhood had everything we were looking for: the FAAR building where our office is located is completely climate-neutral and sports its own circular waste water and energy system. And we’ve filled our office and the adjoining coworking space The Jungle, with plants that purify the air. So the promise behind the name is more than just (purified) hot air!”

For people, with people, by people

Franka: “Whether we’re dealing with clients, staff or suppliers, we always keep diversity and vulnerability in mind. We consciously adapt our construction projects to the needs of single people, the elderly and blended families, for example. When we recruit new employees, we pay a close attention to inclusivity and personal growth. And we’re always happy to contribute to initiatives like De Genereuzen or the Pasfoundation, which change society for the better.”

Ilse: “Our employees and translators are our biggest asset, and we make sure they’re aware of that. Sending someone a personal message or a quick thank you takes mere seconds, but it can make that person’s day! When people feel appreciated, they both perform better and feel happier. In the end, your entire organisation reflects that.”

Quality and customer focus

Franka: “We realise that purchasing a house or a flat is a huge investment. That’s why we try to take as much weight as possible off our customers’ shoulders while we’re building their home – including by following up on the construction process ourselves. We want people to be able to count on us, to feel heard, well-advised and supported. When they get the keys to their finished, sustainable house, they should truly feel at home in it.”

Ilse: “I couldn’t agree more!”. That’s exactly what Blue Lines tries to do as well. We don’t want to sell translations so much as help our clients traverse the borders of language through convincing multilingual content. To make an impact together: in our eyes, that’s the one strategy a good translation partner should always pursue.”

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