The essential content calendar template for 2022


Content is one of the most powerful tools in marketing...

… that is, if you really put some thought into your content strategy.

  • What is your target group?
  • What content can you use to reach out and engage with them?
  • Where and when do you plan to distribute content?


Once you have answered these questions, you’ll be all set to move forward with your content plan. For a handy overview of your content plan, use our Excel content calendar template.

Why do you need a content calendar?


Planning ahead saves time


Your posts will be regular and consistent


You have more time to get them checked and translated


You keep a closer eye on your targets and target group

What's in the calendar?

Year overview + specific examples

What to publish when? For what goal? Via which channel? We provide examples to give you inspiration.

Top trends Respond to what’s going on!

Which annual celebrations can you respond to? We have compiled a list of annual celebrations for 2022.

Dimensions for social media Size matters

What dimensions should you use on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Check out our calendar for handy reminders!

Hashtags #morereach

Which hashtags have a lot of followers? Feel free to add terms that are relevant for your sector.

Goals Tell me why!

What goals do you hope to achieve with your content? Brand recognition, customer retention, conversion?