Where does creative translation end and copywriting begin? It's a thin line. Or are they two intersecting disciplines? Crossing Lines?

Copywriting from the source (text) 

We often get asked if we can also write copy ‘from scratch’. Source texts, as we call them in the translation context. Often in English and in French, but increasingly we are also asked to write them in Dutch. To meet this growing demand, we have brought in a top-class group of copywriters to enhance our team.

Everyone content? 

‘In the beginning, I didn't know what was meant by content. I thought they meant the content of a movie.’ (Martin Scorsese)

Content is the buzzword of recent years. But that hasn’t seemed to stop many publications from excelling in hollow rhetoric and hot air. A good text entertains but also convinces, with both facts and emotions. We stand for creative texts that hold water rather than hot air, tailored to the target group.

Meet the Copy Bastards 

You certainly couldn’t call them newbies. Each of our experienced ‘copy bastards’ has more than 25 years of writing experience. They have been trained to familiarise themselves with new fields quickly and thoroughly and to always find the right tone, even for complex and sensitive subjects. They write texts focused on customers and readers such as articles, web copy, brochures, leaflets, lifestyle texts, reports, digital newsletters, e-zines and annual reports.