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Having a correct translation is one thing. A translation that expertly conveys your story – now that’s another matter. Blue Lines makes the difference, with translations that…

  • stay true to your tone of voice and writing style
  • convey your message, rather than simply translating word for word
  • read between the lines
  • evoke the same emotions as the original
  • feel natural to your target audience, regardless of cultural differences, language sensitivities etc.


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You’ll receive your translation – while also making the world a better place.

I’ve never received such excellent translations! The personal interaction is an enormous bonus too.

— Patricia Rousseau Vlerick Business School

Despite the tight deadlines and extremely challenging texts, Blue Lines even helped us decide on the best way to tackle the assignment and offered top quality.

— Arianne Van Doninck Puratos

I’m so pleased we switched to Blue Lines! The translations are top notch, and creative to boot. The team is also prepared for urgent requests, and they always help us think things through!

— Bram Elewaut Foodbag

Blue Lines responds well to our desired deadlines and always delivers the translations at the agreed time. You can really lean on them 😉

— Heleen Gistelinck Upgrade Estate

I think it’s so great how creatively you tackle wordplay and figures of speech in the translations. Brilliant!

— Chiara Coen Hallelujah BV

There’s no such thing as perfection, but the Blue Lines team comes pretty close!

— Patricia Rousseau Vlerick Business School

Our bilingual CEO read the translation of his foreword, and I quote: “Magnificent translation, really warm. Exactly what we were looking for.”

— Nancy Van Herck Haacht Magazine

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Here's how your translated text makes the world a better place:

We donate our profits to good causes.

Our translators and copywriters receive a fair rate.

We operate from a completely climate-neutral office.

We plant new trees every year. To date, we’ve planted 2458.

Any questions? Find your answer here!

  • How quickly will I receive my translation? What delivery time can I expect?

    This will depend on the volume, your language combination(s), the complexity of your source text and the availability of experienced translators in your area of expertise. However, we suggest the following as an indication:


    • Up to 500 words: delivery within 24–48 hrs.
    • Up to 1,000 words: delivery within 48–72 hrs.
    • Up to 5,000 words: delivery within 72–96 hrs.
    • Larger volumes (5,000 words upwards): expect 2,000 words per working day.
  • Which languages do you translate into?

    We translate into all European languages, as well as the most common non-European languages. See the overview below. Can’t see your language in the list? Let us know and we’ll find a solution!


    European languagesOther common languages
    BG (Bulgarian)FI (Finnish)NL (Dutch)AR (Arabic)
    CS (Czech)FR (French)NO (Norwegian)HE (Hebrew)
    DA (Danish)HR (Croatian)PL (Polish)JA (Japanese)
    DE (German)HU (Hungarian)PT (Portuguese)KO (Korean)
    EL (Greek)IT (Italian)RO (Romanian)RU (Russian)
    EN (English)LT (Lithuanian)SK (Slovak)TR (Turkish)
    ES (Spanish)LV (Latvian)SL (Slovenian)ZH (Chinese, simplified)
    ET (Estonian)MT (Maltese)SV (Swedish)ZH (Chinese, traditional)
  • Which languages do you translate from?

    We translate from all European languages, as well as the most common non-European languages. For some language combinations, we will first translate into English, then convert the text to your desired target language.

  • Do you take cultural differences into account?

    We certainly do. It goes without saying that, besides word usage, there are a lot of other differences between, say, UK and US English texts. By applying the right nuances, we help make your text more appealing and relevant to the country it will be read in.

  • What format is best for submitting my text?

    We’re very flexible in this regard. Word, Excel, PDF… we can handle it! Already using an InDesign layout? Send us a package so we can deliver the translation directly in your ideal layout.

  • I want to have my website translated. What do I need to provide?

    Usually, we use your CMS export as a starting point. Not sure how to do this? Simply give us a link to the website and we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

  • Do you also offer SEO translation?

    We certainly do. We work with specialised SEO translators who will ensure your web copy ranks highly around the world. Along with your text, be sure to provide us with any keyword research. Don’t have it yet or unsure how to go about this? Just let us know and we’ll get one of our SEO experts on the case!

  • What if my text isn’t completely finished yet?

    Feel free to send us your draft version. This will allow us to give you a rough estimate of costs and delivery time in advance.

  • Can you simply proofread my translation?

    We’d be happy to! Our native proofreaders are already itching to dot the i’s and cross the t’s! We will return your revised text in two versions: a ‘clean’ copy and one with comments and tracked changes.

  • Do you offer translations without revision?

    While we don’t recommend this for published texts, it is definitely an option for internal use.

  • How do you engage in corporate responsibility?

    With all our hearts. We are actively committed to creating a better society by:


    • paying our employees a fair wage
    • following a 35-hour work week
    • opting to run a climate-neutral office
    • using bicycles, public transport or carpooling arrangements for our work trips
    • donating part of our annual profits to good causes.
  • Do you also offer machine translation?

    On request, we will be happy to carry out machine translation for larger projects, subject to strict quality control and revision by a native speaker. Feel free to contact our team for more info.

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