How to write excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Rule number 1: write gripping web texts that actually answer the questions your readers have. This applies to both your website’s original language and any others you want to translate your site into. Our copywriters – all Staggeringly Experienced Old Hands – help you find the right words and produce web copy that turns heads in today’s digitalised world. Similarly, our seasoned SEO translators ensure your message continues to charm and convince – regardless of its language. Or, as we like to say at Blue Lines: Tell, translate, sell.

Keyword research

Keyword research helps you understand the way people search and stumble their way across the internet. Which words do they type into that search bar to end up on your website?

You could ask your web agency to do research into keywords you want visitors to find you through. But why not ask us? Because Blue Lines works with:

  1. The best SEO experts for keyword research, in any language.
  2. The best SEO copywriters, who turn those keywords into convincing, snackable content.
  3. The best SEO translators, who translate your original copy into spellbinding stories, tailored to your target market.

How we work

Suppose you’d like a catchy new website, available in three different languages – English, Dutch and French (with English as the original language).

  1. We do keyword research for English, then provide you with captivating content that is exactly to your audience’s taste.
  2. Next, we translate your keywords into Dutch and French. Based on these translations, we expand our research to identify the best synonyms and most popular keywords for the regions your target groups live in.
  3. Finally, we create effortless translations based on the findings of our keyword research.

What we need from you

  • Tell us more about the areas you’re targeting. Do you want your English copy to solely woo British audiences or American ones across the pond as well? Is there a particular region in Flanders or the Netherlands you’d like to gain a foothold in? That French version of your website, is it exclusively meant for French-speaking Belgium or for France and French-speaking Switzerland as well?
  • Let us know which questions your prospects and customers tend to ask. That info alone contains a treasure trove of valuable keywords.
  • Who are your biggest competitors? Which players are you up against? Share their websites with us, so we can analyse them and find out which keywords do best. All to let you strike SEO gold.

The more details you provide, the better we can help you. Think of it as your very own preliminary SEO investigation, detective-style.

When in Rome: native translators who understand your business

When it comes to SEO, we like to offer that little extra. That cutting edge that puts you at an advantage.

That is why all our translators are native speakers. When they translate your website, they translate exclusively into their mother tongue. This means they’ll know your target audience’s culture like the back of their hand. If you want to stand out in both the UK and the USA, for example, we’ll contact a British translator as well as an American one. Take it from us: mixing up British and American English can cause a furore among readers who’ve spelt (or spelled!) the word as “furor” ever since they wore nappies. Or should that be diapers? Don’t worry: telling these subtle differences apart is our speciality. Or specialty, depending on where you’re from).

On top of being native speakers, our translators are also experts in your field. If your company provides IT services, we’ll never assign your project to a medical translator. Because those sector-specific words make all the difference.

The result? SEO translations that dazzle your readers while maintaining your expertise. No matter the language.

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