Proofreading - editing - improving

This web page is of particular interest when you find yourself in one or more of the following situations: 

  • You’ve written a text and want to make certain it’s entirely linguistically correct. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.
  • You want someone to polish a text you’ve written until it gleams, so your message really appeals to your target group – even if they speak another language.
  • You’re unsure about certain terms and want to have your own translation checked through again and improved by a native speaker (= a translator who translates into their own mother tongue).
  • You want to have your own text or translation edited by a specialist in that field, to make certain the professional terminology is correct.
  • You want to upgrade a literal translation into a text so fluent that the reader can’t even tell it’s been translated. 

Blue Lines to the rescue 

We proofread your texts and translations and hone them to perfection, all for a competitive hourly rate. The number of words a translator can process per hour will depend upon the complexity and quality of your text. We provide a price indication in advance so you won’t face any unexpected surprises. 

Tip of the day 

If you’re not truly proficient in a language, don’t try to translate it yourself, but send us the source text you’ve written in your own mother tongue. It’s often less work for translators to translate a high-quality source text than to untangle a substandard translation. Convinced of the value of an extra pair of eyes to look through your texts and translations? Send us your text and ask for a quote.