Former colleague turned client

Vanackere: “I started working for Real Garant in 2010, first as a senior claims manager, then as the head of operations and now Iā€™m the general manager. As the Benelux branch of a German insurance company, we do need translations from time to time.”

“That’s why I contacted Blue Lines back in 2013. I knew Stef from way back ā€“ we once worked for the same multinational ā€“ and I remembered that he’d gone on to set up a translation agency. The quality of the first translation you did for us was outstanding. That was years ago; I’ve entrusted our translations to you ever since.”

Margin of error: absolute zero

In a field like the insurance sector, certain requirements are crucial. To begin with, insurance documents have to be translated correctly and with great precision, leaving no room for interpretation. Deadlines are always fairly tight as well.

Vanackere: “You score very highly in both areas, which is exactly what we were looking for.”

“I also appreciate the fact that you get in touch with us during the translation process if something isn’t quite clear. We’d rather get a few e-mails than have you taking a wild guess, with the risk of getting it wrong. If any doubts remain when the translation is delivered, this will always be clearly indicated in the text, and your project managers will also draw our attention to it. That desire for perfection, clear communication and consultation with the client really offers added value and inspires trust. As I said before, there’s zero margin for error when translating insurance documents. So we need to have absolute faith in our translation partner.”

Why change a winning team?

“I can genuinely say that our collaboration has gone smoothly from the very first day. When I send you a request, I usually get a quotation within thirty minutes, including an estimate of the amount of time the project is likely to take. I can only think of one text you didn’t manage to deliver by the deadline, but even then you warned us well in advance. You’re always transparent, which we really appreciate.”

I’ve made a deliberate decision to work with you, because I need to be able to rely on the quality of the translations we’re sent and because we sometimes need to meet tight deadlines. And Blue Lines keeps its promises, time after time. Why change a winning team?”

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