Our politicians are continuing to look the other way and are still stalling, despite the urgency and broad social consensus. As a result, it will be down to each and every one of us to see how we can contribute. Everyone can make a difference: a small stone creates ripples in a pool of water and many stones cause a wave. Put all the stones together and you have a tsunami.

When Climate Mandate knocked on our door a few months ago to ask if Blue Lines would provide pro bono translation work, we didn’t hesitate for a second: sure thing!

Why? Simply because it is consistent with how we do business: social, sustainable and ecologically sound. We are a translation agency, so obviously we translate in order to earn our living. But we’re very glad to give something back to those with fewer opportunities in life or to organisations which are committed to making the world a better place.

On our website, we have already written: “What kind of world do we want to leave behind for our children? It’s a question that genuinely concerns us here at Blue Lines. So we are more than happy to set some of our profits aside for good causes.”

And what better and more relevant purpose than Sign For My Future?

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