What plan? To put our annual good cause budget in your hands! A simple vote on our website sufficed to support one of our favourite initiatives.

The three organisations we wanted to put in the spotlight through this campaign are each top initiatives run by beautiful people.

  • Go Forest inspires and motivates entrepreneurs and individuals to act for the future. How? By planting trees in areas where they’re most needed and where they have the greatest impact.
  • Littekens is a community for youths to inspire each other to be themselves. A place to get your life back on track.
  • NGO SECAM takes in Congolese children who live in difficult circumstances and gives them the basis they need from which they can grow: food, education, medical care and a home.


178 votes later came a surprising result: all initiatives got almost the same amount of votes! We loved this, because to us, each project was indeed deserving of equal amounts of support and recognition.

In a nutshell: thanks to your many votes, Go Forest, Littekens and NGO SECAM will each soon get a 1000 euro gift. And we were able to start the year with the prospect of a little more oxygen, a little more love, and a little more warmth. From Blue Lines with lots of love!

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