From transcription to translated video script

We are often presented with a written script, but that is certainly not always the case. For example, if Well Played sends us a video interview, we start by making a transcription ourselves and then find the perfect translator to work on it. Our translators always work with the original video as a reference, because the context is extremely important, especially in spoken language.

The content services we provide to Well Played

  • Transcription and translation of scripts, voice-overs and text-on-screen of animated videos, explainers, video tutorials and promotional videos
  • Translation of blog posts and landing pages
  • Translation of app content

What the customer says

With Blue Lines, I can always count on a quick response and immediately get a clear view of the cost and timing. What's more, you always offer professional solutions to overcome any potential difficulties or problems.

Freya Schits, Project Manager



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