It’s like a virus: the effect is contagious!

Continuous and proactive prospecting actually comes down to taking care of your existing customers. Because people with whom you’ve had a good working relationship will sometimes switch jobs or employers. And if when they leave they take you with them as a supplier, you organically gain a new client! So a virus doesn’t have to be a bad thing. On the contrary: its contagiousness can be a win-win situation for everyone.

Some of our clients-turned-clients share their story:



Logo Gimber

“As account manager at All Yours, I was looking for a good and flexible translation agency. After our very first chat, I already had a gut feeling that Blue Lines would be the perfect partner. The combination of speed & quality that they offer was – and still is – immensely important to me. That’s why I introduced Blue Lines to GIMBER when I started working there."

Karen De Keukelaere



Logo Recupel

“When I was working for make sense, a marketing & communications agency, Blue Lines sent us a prospecting e-mail that felt spontaneous and friendly – not your average pushy sales pitch. It was the enthusiasm in that message that convinced me to order my first translation from Blue Lines. When I later joined Recupel as spokeswoman and PR manager, I took Blue Lines with me as a translation partner.”

Saar Bentein



Logo B Braun

“Before I joined B. Braun, I worked at Hill & Knowlton for five years. That’s when I first started cooperating with Blue Lines for our translations. When I transferred to B. Braun 12 years ago, I recommended Blue Lines to them as a translation partner. Fast forward to today, when B. Braun and Blue Lines have been working together ever since!”

Elke Corens



Or, to cite Michael LeBoeuf’s oft-quoted maxim: “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

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