Of course, there’s much more to it than just ranking. You need to find the right person for your sector and target group, someone who can come up with the tone of voice you need to convey your message… And then there’s that other question many marketers ask: should I choose a freelance copywriter or a copywriting agency?

There are many myths about the differences between a freelancer and an agency. We’ve listed the main ones for you below.


A freelancer is faster and more flexible

Freelancers can jump right in, while agencies tend to put your projects on the back burner. Is that really true? In reality, of course, they both have a schedule to stick to. But since agencies have an extensive network of copywriters, they often have more capacity for last-minute assignments. And at an agency, the ink never stops flowing, because when one copywriter is unavailable, another can quickly step in.


An agency is more expensive

If this myth is to be believed, a copywriting agency is as enthusiastic with its billing as the average car mechanic (or is that a myth too? ;-). In practice, prices for copywriting vary greatly among both freelancers and agencies. A rare niche specialist can easily charge 100 euros per hour, while the online bidding market can get you an ink-slinger who is willing to put pen to paper for just 30 euros per hour. Admittedly, a cheap freelancer is easier to find than a cheap agency, but the question is also what you get in return. Our advice? Don’t just look at the hourly rate. Make sure you choose the right person. Good writers really are worth their weight in gold.


An agency creates more work

When you work with a freelancer, that one person takes charge of your assignment from A to Z. At an agency, a project manager follows up the whole copywriting project. As a client, you are in touch with two people: the copywriter and the project manager. That may mean an extra conversation and an extra e-mail here and there, but the advantage is that you bring in an extra pair of eyes and additional know-how too. For example, we always ask our clients to complete this checklist, which gives us a comprehensive briefing and ensures we are on the same wavelength from the outset. And if you need your texts in several languages, you can simply contact the same project manager for the translation. Simple as ABC.


An agency is more impersonal

In copywriting, the human aspect is very important. You need to have chemistry with the copywriter and understand each other. Only then can you achieve the results you’re after. That’s why it’s nice to have a personal chat with the copywriter. Choosing a freelancer means working one-on-one. In an agency, on the other hand, there are several people working for you. But this doesn’t mean that you, as the client, are less involved in the assignment. On the contrary, you are in contact with both the project manager and the copywriter. You’re always aware of the status of your project, and you can ask questions, share remarks or make suggestions, just as you would with a freelance copywriter.


Top writers only work on their own

Why should a top writer work for an agency? Well, as an agency these are the reasons we hear most often:

  • I receive a variety of assignments and I can select the ones that really suit me.
  • I know for sure that I will have a continuous flow of writing work.
  • I can leave the commercial efforts and admin to the agency. I only have to focus on my real passion: writing.


As an agency, we also work with freelancers. We constantly recruit the best copywriters through strict selection tests. Over the years, this has enabled us to build a network of top writers, each with their own qualities and specialties. The project manager can therefore choose the most suitable copywriter for each project. A few more tips: ask for sample texts to assess whether you like the copywriter’s style. For larger writing assignments, have the copywriter write a small piece of text first and give feedback before asking them to take on the entire project.

Our conclusion? Good content is the new gold. So choose the right copywriter very carefully, whether through an agency or directly. Make sure the copywriter’s tone of voice and expertise are spot on. Last but not least, don’t focus too much on the hourly rate, also think about the ROI.

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