What did you study?

I got a Master’s in translation (English – Spanish) at ISTI in Uccle.

What did you do in previous jobs?

I have always worked as a translator or project manager in a translation agency. The translation industry holds a lot of appeal for me and I learn something new every day.

How did you end up at Blue Lines?

I wanted to grow more as a translator and Blue Lines seemed ideal for that. The variety in the work was something that I particularly liked. In the end, I took the infamous translation test, and I’m very glad I did. If it were up to me, I’d stay with team Blue until I retire!

Where does your passion for translation come from?

It pretty much appeared out of the blue when I was studying at ISTI. As a translator, you’re on a constant quest: to piece together a flowing text that nicely conveys the original message. I see each text as a new challenge. That’s precisely what makes the job so exciting and enlightening for me.

What qualities do you think a good translator needs?

To me, a good translator is a perfectionist who also dares to deviate from the original text. When you’re translating, it’s good to give your curiosity and creativity free rein. But for that, you obviously have to fully understand the text, otherwise you won’t get away with it.

What types of text do you most like to translate?

Editorial texts where I can really let my imagination run wild and try out different ideas. Nothing’s more satisfying than that ‘eureka’ moment when all the words fall into place!

What are your hobbies and interests?

As a child, I used to love horse-riding. But then dancing took over. I was even a dance teacher for a couple of years. Now, I like to take things a bit more calmly and love spending time with my friends and family, travelling to the sun (preferably to Corsica!), going to concerts (always trying to edge my way down to the front row) or immersing myself in the fantasy world of Disney.

Would you like to learn any other languages? And if so, which?

Italian. It’s such an expressive and musical language that it instantly makes me happy! 🙂

What’s your creative outlet?

I have fun redecorating at home. I’m always seeking out the latest trends and keep trying out new things. I’m also convinced that having a cosy home base gives you a better quality of life.

Which profession would you never be able/willing to pursue?

A profession that involved extensive travel. For others that’s a dream, but I wouldn’t want to miss my friends and family for all the money in the world.

Do you have your own motto in life?

‘You only live once’ is my mantra, especially when I’m shopping (laughs). No, but really: life is too short to just let things pass you by. I live every moment to the full, and preferably in good company 😉

What dream do you still want to fulfil?

To move to the south of France. Or even better, to Corsica, my paradise on earth.

Say you move to a desert island and you can only take one thing with you. What would you choose?

Definitely a lighter, because I’m always cold!

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