Meet Team Blue: a motley crew of translation talent, managerial marvels and clever creatives. When we answer the phone, the line absolutely crackles with enthusiasm!

Katleen Peeters

Dynamic manager Katleen is continually switching between Blue Lines and sister company Outsource. She loves nothing more than an unpredictable day, chock-full of challenges. Her motto? Work hard, travel lots! She's also happy to receive some reading tips.

Margo Van Thienen

Margo is a graphic designer with a huge passion for languages. This magical combination allows her to deliver your translations in the desired layout.

Manu Van Bockstaele

If you're wandering around Ghent and smell a barbecue, there's a fair chance that Manu will have a hand in it (not literally, of course). The neighbours call his place 'the clubhouse'. Yep, our Manu is a pretty sociable chap. He enjoys the good life too. Cheers!

Kobe Vander Beken

Kobe is a versatile, experienced Project Manager who outdoes himself time and time again, also in the kitchen. Needless to say, he’s the perfect addition to our team. Now let’s plan for that pisco sour, shall we? Salud!

Kirsten Merlaen

Kirsten is a likeable, ambitious new colleague with an ear for language and experience of project management. She studied English and Spanish and later took courses in Economics, Communication and Management. Something tells us Kirsten will be teaching us a thing or two...

Virginie Pira

Qu’est-ce que tu dis? Virginie is our French-speaking project manager. She fills up her free time with her two passions: translating and horse riding. Not both at the same time, you understand.

Vanessa Tondeur

Since Vanessa graduated from the ISTI, she has been an unstoppable force as a translator! When she's not busy transforming text, she dreams about Disneyland and retiring on her island paradise of Corsica. After all, we only live once!

Lotte De Smedt

Lotte is everything from outdoorsy, sporty, and a people person, to a culture vulture, and a jolly good project manager too. ‘Piacere di conoscerti’, as you would say in Italian, one of the languages she graduated in.

Robin Candaele

Robin is basically the ultimate contradiction in terms: an old soul who's young at heart. A born writer with a degree in graphic design.