Always include the source text

This allows you to kill three birds with one stone, as it were: our project managers will be able to provide an accurate quotation, suggest a turnaround time and also determine the type of text: priceless! Knowing the type of text is very important when it comes to selecting the right translators for your project. What if you only have a rough version at this point? No problem, a draft is better than nothing.


Target language

Which language or languages do you want your content translated into? People often forget to tell us that. To avoid bouncing emails back and forth, be sure to state the target language in your request.


Be clear about the deadline

‘Urgent’ is something we often hear. But what does urgent mean to you? Avoid time-consuming emails by including the desired deadline in your request from the start. Our project managers will make every effort to meet the deadline or will discuss the various options with you.


Reference material

Do you have reference material or is there a glossary which our translators need to take into account? If so, include it with your translation request. This also ensures that the translation meets your requirements from the outset. And that saves precious time as well!


Communication style

How do you communicate with your clients? What image would you like to convey? Do you want to come across as friendly and informal, or do you prefer a bit of formality? This is crucial information for our translators!


Target audience

Who is the copy for? Health-related content will require a different style depending on whether it is intended for schools or doctors, for example, and that applies to both copywriting and translation. So it’s best to let us know right away who you want to reach with your content.



Is your text intended for online or offline use? Or is it a social media post? It makes a big difference to the translators. For example, SEO keywords can influence the translation and a Facebook post generally requires a different style too.

In a nutshell

Would you like to request a quotation? Make sure you include all the available information from the outset. This will allow our project managers and translators to take all the available information into account right away. Win-win!

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